In the twenties, Giuseppina Romagnoni and Ferruccio Scola, Walter De Silva’s maternal grandparents, worked as artisans running a small business in the women’s footwear sector, producing ankle boots worn by the ladies of the Milanese bourgeoisie and nobility.

After his career as a designer, specifically known for his automobile designs, Walter comes back to ancient stories to recreate a childhood dream: to succeed his grandparents’ business designing women’s evening shoes with as his first aim to affirm their refined authenticity, created and made in Italy.


Creator and interpreter of his new brand : Architecture and Design, consistent with his world of Innovation and Technique, blend with his poetics and dreams of designing elegant evening shoes.

 “I consider the configuration of the heel as an architectural element of absolute stylistic innovation; always very tall, slender, it pushes towards the base of the heel and in the opposite direction. Inspired by the harmonic and muscular masses of the ankle, it enhances its sensuous, feminine appeal: FORM IN MOTION

Walter De Silva Shoes

The heel is recognizable as the designer’s signature: the emblem of the brand, a broken arrow that outlines the W in Walter. Strong, precise and chromed to express quality and innovation.

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